Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 Tips for Improving Youth Employee Loyalty

3 Tips for Improving Youth Employee Loyalty (

Employee loyalty in the younger population is shockingly poor. Young employees tend to jump around from job to job at the start of their career as they learn what they like, what they don’t like, and the ins and outs of the business world. Sometimes they leave for just reasons – for example, not being treated with respect or given the right compensation because they are a younger employee. Other times they leave for the wrong reasons, such as not respecting management’s superiority.

How to Prepare for an Internal Interview

How to Prepare for an Internal Interview (
Most of the literature out there regarding interviews concerns external interviews; that is, interviews with companies for which you’ve never been an employee. And while that information is valuable to a good number of job seekers around the world, it just doesn’t cut it when you’re faced with an internal interview for a position within your own company.

The Truth About Counteroffers

The Truth About Counteroffers (

Congratulations! You just received an offer for an exciting new opportunity! But wait, now that it’s a reality, what’s next? You put in your notice with your current employer and you’re all ready and excited to start your new career. Imagine your surprise when suddenly your current employer gives you a counteroffer. Bet you never expected that one!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Proof Reading

Employment Tip- Proof Reading (

The debate’s still out there on how much spelling or grammatical errors matter on a résumé or cover letter. Some hiring authorities say that unless you’re applying to be an editor or something similar, a couple of errors don’t make a difference to your ability to do a great job. But the truth is, you never know if the person you’re sending your résumé to agrees with this or not. And so, the simple solution is to always proof read every word you write on an application.

Achievements Vs. Responsibilities

Employment Tip- Achievements Vs. Responsibilities (

It’s typical on a resume to make a series of bullet points that list your responsibilities in previous positions. However, what many people don’t realize is how little this can sometimes mean. Why? Because anyone with the same basic skills could probably have taken on the exact same responsibilities, setting you apart from no one. The real question is, were you successful at those responsibilities? What did you achieve through those responsibilities?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 10 IT Certifications

Top 10 IT Certifications  (

In the technological community, the value of IT Certifications has long been a topic of debate. In an effort to resolve the question of whether certifications play an integral role in career advancement or if they are of limited value, the job search website Dice, which services only the IT field, conducted a survey.

Should You Take A Lower Paying Job?

Should You Take A Lower Paying Job? (

When faced with unemployment or a less than satisfactory job, many professionals are pained with the question of whether to take a lower paying position. It’s a tough decision to make, and one which depends on many factors for each unique situation. However, no matter what the scenario, there are a few constants you should keep in mind: Here are a few things to consider if you have to answer that question yourself.